About Us

Our journey started with a family vacation to Disney World and we've been inseparable since. Two friends, both claiming they were "not ready for a relationship" but neither could leave the other alone. What we didn't realize was it was the PERFECT time for us to cross paths.

Little did we know that our love of travel would lead to our first business venture. In 2019, we began Golston Elite Travels. From the start, we received overwhelming success and support in our endeavors. The people we encountered in the early stages of our business venture set seeds that would soon grow beyond anything we could imagine.

While 2020 began with a lot of promise, it soon grinded to a slow hault. With travel at a complete standstill, we were unsure how long it would be until would return. Zuri began to express more of her creative side in crafting, first an earring line Beautific Jewelry. It was her choice of creating custom Christmas gifts that set off our next big venture.

Customized wine glasses, beer and coffee mugs for the entire family were the rave of our family Christmas party. After hundreds of Facebook likes, the request started to come in. Golston Creations was born with Sipretty as our first official brand. We have aspirations of revamping the Beautific Jewelry line and well as expanding to other products in the near future.

A major part of any successful business is it's ability to create engaging content to reach the masses. With this in mind, Keenan decided to return to his first love of audio and video production. Everything from a simple picture slide show to a full commercial advertisement, complete with an original musical arrangement, has been created through our media arm - Golston Media Group. Keenan is also a highly sought audio engineer in the local music scene due to his many years of experience. Golston Elite is only in the beginning of it's mission to create a lasting family legacy!